Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

Planet Earth

Today I Will Remember the Impact

Today I will remember the impact of my communication and behavior on my wife, Hope. That’s her in the picture above.

Isn’t she such a sweetie-pie?

My moods and choices matter. Actually, they probably matter more to her than to me. There’s a thought to really consider. I can so easily ruin her day by making a few bad choices, which I am prone to make.

Today I will remember to consider Hope

– and how much I love her – over my own self-centered desires. Sure, we are all selfish creatures but selfish and self-centered are two different things.

Being self-centered mentally deletes Hope from my decision-making process. The results can be disastrous. I do not want to be self-centered because: 1) I hurt other people when I act that way and 2) I hurt myself when I hurt others that I care about.

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