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Psychology of invisible forces

Organizing my thoughts here on invisible forces.

They exist per the results they produce.

Whether they arise from existing entities or are independently operational is a practically pointless point. Invisible forces behave the same way regardless of origin.

We will NEVER know the origin of anything. We can only speculate. Don’t stress over unanswerable questions.

Gravity is an invisible force. Can’t see it. No doubt it exists. To know the origin of gravity would require knowing the origin of everything.

Friction, air resistance, electricity, radio waves, magnetism, human emotion, love, influence, respect, psychological attachment, compassion – all invisible forces. All forces are actors and are acted upon. They influence objects around them and are influenced by objects around them.

Some invisible forces are internal, some are external.

Legitimizing an invisible force requires verifying the results of the force. It doesn’t matter what you call it, as long as you have a way to identify and activate it.

Try an invisible force experiment.

No, not jumping up and down to verify gravity. Rather, choose an invisible force to experiment with that will likely have an impact on your psychology.

The main notion to convey here is that forces can act at a distance with no perceivable substance in between.

This special section focuses on emotions, understood both as feelings that we individually experience and sometimes share and as invisible threads that bind us together in endless webs of interrelations. Emotions, despite taking place ‘within’ concrete individuals, and thus having roots within concrete psychical and organic systems, are also socially constructed through discourses as well as through repeated practices that cultivate certain emotions over others and certain ways of experiencing them over an array options.

Metaphor is the basis of human understanding. There will never be a concrete, material understanding of the universe. Impossible.

We crave certainty and absolutely need it to optimize our lives.

However, the only true certainty is uncertainty, especially when it comes to the psychology of invisible forces. Sure, you can be certain about gravity. But can you be certain of how your influence will impact others and vise-versa? Nope.

Maybe we should worship the Great Uncertainty. Given that we don’t know how we got here or how life on Earth will conclude (if it does), uncertainty is the only thing we have. It kinda sucks. Yet, true.

Or worship the unknown, the invisible – forces that exists according to laws we don’t understand but still have enormous impact upon us. Even good ole gravity. We understand a little about how it works but not why it exists. What’s going on behind gravity? No one knows. Speculation.

  • Is gravity a force or particle (gravitons).
  • Why does gravity break down at the subatomic level?
  • What happens to gravity in a black hole?

No one knows.

It’s an invisible force of which we can observe the results. We do some impressive math around it. But we do not understand gravity, the phenomenon that keeps the world and planetary systems together. No idea!

But I’m just a guy trying to make a buck.

With all these invisible forces acting upon me, from gravity to peer pressure, how does one work with the invisible in order to enjoy a pragmatically successful and happy life?

By worshipping what you do not understand. Honor it. It takes humility to admit you’re a Dunce in the Universe but if it makes you feel better, so are the top scientists in the world. And they admit it. You’re in good company.

Humility is the key. But why humble yourself? Because otherwise you’ll still be a dunce. You’ll also be a douchebag.

Limited Certainty

Our certainty about anything is an illusion but an important one. Uncertainty is the only certainty, remember? And this is also uncertain. Who knows? All the confusion about how the universe works could be cleared up any minute with material knowledge. Probably not. My bet is with the Supreme Reign of Uncertainty.