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  • October 22, 2021November 1, 2021

It’s best to be at peace with what is, without denying the facts. In that sacred space, you are one with all. It’s one hell of an amazing place to visit.

Inevitably, denial creeps in to shield us from the realities we cannot bear. Separation resumes. Back to the grind.

To live as one with the universe, you’d have to be ok with your life, exactly as is, with no further negotiation necessary. You’d need to be ok being impoverished or ill, as well. You’d also instantly accept being robbed or raped and slow-roasted over hot coals, turning on a spit.

Fear, loathing, shame, humiliation, panic and total emotional annihilation….OK, Ok, Okay! You are one with everything, including the vile horrors of earth life. It’s likely you’ll easily avoid the spit in this life:) And most god-awful things invented by humankind will probably never darken your doorstep. But you still need to be ok with their existence, not disturbed in the slightest. Oh, but you must identify with them, too. That is the ultimate test of oneness.