7 New Ideas about Life Purpose

1. Life Purpose is Action

A life purpose with no action is an idea, a wish. If you believe you have a purpose but cannot bridge the gap between ideas and action, then you don’t have a purpose but an idea. Turn it into a purpose by bridging the gap.

2. How to Bridge the Gap

A simple way to turn ideas of purpose into action is to chunk down; meaning, break something up into daily, bite-sized pieces. The concept of life purpose is so grand!

What does it mean you’ll do when you wake up in the morning? How about when your significant other asks for a favor? How does your purpose affect what you eat for lunch?

3. Ways to Make your Life Purpose Small (and Actionable)

You can break it down into specific behaviors.

Isolate time periods – such as your purpose applied to today or even a specific event during your day.

4. Make it Real

Forget fanciful purposes like changing the world, making it a better place for all, with peace and harmony permeating the cellular fibers of every sentient being.

LOL. Get real. How about a purpose that makes sense given your life today? Or a purpose to encompass the undeniable things you feel compelled to do every day.

Like make money. As a provider in my household, I am driven to make money. I like doing it. The money provides the necessities of life and plenty of opportunity for having meaningful experiences. I can only imagine how the foundation of the life I enjoy would crumble without adequate money.

Why not embrace such an obvious purpose?

5. Suck the Juice Out of your Purpose

Anyone up for living a life purpose that you hate? You go through life burdened with some task, whining every step of the way. But when you position your responsibilities as meaningful in purpose and stay in touch with that meaning, every time you contribute a task you can know you’re fulfilling a purpose and that feels — fulfilling!

6. Map your Purpose Daily

Every day is new and your purpose in life must adapt – every single day. Life is not static. I know we all want to “set it and forget it,” lazily gliding through life feeling good on autopilot.

Doesn’t work. I’d rather use a worksheet every single day to map my purpose for the day, given the days tasks, needs, and whatever my feelings are in the moment.

7. Life Purpose Daily Worksheet

Well, I don’t have a life purpose worksheet but it’s a good idea:)