Midlife Bucket List

I’m excited to create a midlife bucket list. At age 53, I am ready to rise above the midlife slump and look boldly ahead toward death! Before that inevitable day, there are things I want to do. Thus, the midlife bucket list.

Andy why not admit every time you hear people talking about moving forward it just reminds you that death is the ultimate destination? So let’s not move too quickly.

You can see as I type this article, the grim reaper watches:) It’s a reminder to pull no punches and write from the heart because this guy is coming….soon! Make it count.

midlife bucket list

There is no midlife bucket list without representation from the other-worldly being in charge of bucket-kicking (death – if it wasn’t obvious).

My Midlife Bucket List

  1. Get in shape. Size 32 jeans.
  2. Get my USCG Captain’s license
  3. Sail my catamaran to a transoceanic destination
  4. Save $3,000,000
  5. Write another book
  6. Create a cool app
  7. Learn self-defense
  8. Start a podcast
  9. Write a humor book
  10. Complete a triathlon
  11. (Bonus) Live to 100

And there we have it – 10 midlife bucket list goals plus a bonus goal that isn’t as much in my control.

Why Create a Bucket List

I made a bucket list at age 22. There were 100 items on it and I ticked off most of them. It has been an intermittent yet powerful source of motivation over the years. I didn’t pay too much attention to it – but. you may not have to. Focus on what you really want to do in life and it runs in the back of your mind.

I don’t want to leave this Earth as just another douche who lived a mediocre life. I know that my name will never be associated with fame or greatness. My accomplishments are not important to anyone but me and my wife, honestly. And that’s the point. My goals are indeed important to the most important people in my life. No one else matters. They can’t matter – it’s not possible.

This is all about me and my wife (and she loves the list). A quality life among a small circle of family and friends is all there is – and it is…..enough:)

A new bucket list at midlife is appropriate, given how many items I checked off my young man list.