Life Coaching Demonstrations – What is the point?

I do life coaching demonstrations for the iNLP Center. iNLP trains new life coaches and the live demos are examples of real coaching in action. In each class, an unrehearsed volunteer agrees to be coached and anything can happen from there.

Am I getting restless with these demos? I don’t know. I guess it would be helpful to survey class members to find out what they’re seeking to gain from attending the demonstrations. What could I ask them?

In general, how valuable are the demonstrations to you?

How relevant are the demonstrations to the learning material in your course?

What are you seeking to gain by attending the coaching demonstrations?

What’s missing from the coaching demonstration classes?

What do you enjoy the most about the coaching demonstration classes?

A short survey. Drawing a blank on what else to ask.

In reality, watching experts do their thing is a good thing but not always best for linear learning. Experts improvise, draw on extensive experience, and may not go by the book. So why should new coaches observe masters in their field?

To learn by osmosis. If you hang around people who are experts at what you want to do, over time stuff will rub off on you. Now, that’s not the clearest explanation but it’s true nonetheless.