I got nothin’

Sitting here, I’ve got nothing.

No original thoughts. Nothing to do that I really want to do. Some worries. But I’ve got nothing interesting. Am I depressed? Who cares. Call it what you want. Am I cynical? To the bone.

I’d love to have an original idea. A world changer. But I don’t. Nothing to say that hasn’t been said 1000 times. Nothing to do that millions aren’t already doing. Nothing unique.

Are worries a portal into creativity? I’m worried about money. Business. In the past, my worry about money has lead to entrepreneurial decisions that have made money. But I’m bored with all that.

I love my boat. I love being out to sea. Shall I cast off forever? Well, money. Family ties. Responsibilities that I half-heartedly fulfill.

I love my wife. No half-heartedness there.

I’ve been doing more or less the same thing for 30 years. Are my best career days yet to come? Not at this rate. Not with nothing. Everything seems so complicated.

This post sucks.