I Must Need Gratitude Training – Help!

Do I need gratitude training or what? Because the bad news is….

I haven’t been practicing gratitude (at all) even though I promised myself I would. Why not? It’s creepy. Skip to the second half of this post to read it.

In the meantime, I’ve been reflecting on my situation in life sans gratitude training.

Here’s the bullet point version:

• My children have flown the coop

• I run a successful online business and work at home with my wife as my biz partner

• I feel my children’s absence daily.

• My wife and I are both willful people who like to get our own way and be “right”

• Everything in my life looks awesome, except I don’t feel awesome!

Thus the obvious need for gratitude training

On the gratitude thing – I think I have an “Achilles Eel” thing going on (it’s a book I read) — about self-sabotage. The idea is that we become so accustomed to a certain way of being and seek it out on autopilot.

Ok – fine. But if the way of being includes negativity we still seek it out and even prefer it over lighter moods that are “foreign” to us.

Red alert!

Wow – WordPress doesn’t allow me to color the above fonts red! Dang. Ok here we go:

And worse, if you Google gratitude training you get news about a sex cult! Not the kind of education I was thinking of when I began writing.