How to Make Health the Number One Priority in Life

When your health is pretty far gone (way overweight, with various and sundry symptoms of god knows what) there may be hope if you make health your number one priority in life.

Let’s discuss how to make health #1.

  • What is a priority
  • What it takes to make health #1
  • How do organize life accordingly

Yes, it requires a reorganization of your life. If health is NOT your current number one priority, then you are about to begin to make very different decisions. Time to upset whatever rotten apple cart you’re pushing!

Not that your entire life is rotten. Just everything related to your well-being.

What is a priority and what it takes to make health #1

a thing that is regarded as more important than another.

If health is to be the numero uno, everything else is considered only after your health needs are met. The priority begins in your head – your perspective. It’s a filter through which you experience life. As you anticipate each day and decide what to do when, health is always the primary consideration. If other priorities (like social, familial, work-related) conflict, health wins.

Each day might begin with a question:

What am I doing for my long-term health today?

Ask it, live it.

Plug-in your health-related activities and only then fit everything else around them. Now, for some, this might be impossible – or at least very difficult. Many people work long hours and have little free time due to a mountain of other expectations in life. Well, nothing is impossible. You can do it!

In my life, it’s unjustly easy to make health a priority – I have a very flexible schedule and only have to work part time to make a nice income. I’m very fortunate and have zero excuses. I just need to decide to make health the top consideration of the day.

In my case, I have no hangups other than health is just a really low priority, even though I beat myself up for being unhealthy all day long, every single day. Imagine that! It might not be hard to imagine if you’re reading this post. You’re in the same boat? Right. Good to meet you. Let’s get our shit together because this is what it takes to make health the number one priority in your life. Everything else must actually BE less important.

What to do, what to avoid – list it

Make a list of what you need to do every single day and another list that includes what you need to avoid.

To do:

  • Swim 500m
  • Bike 10K
  • Walk 2K
  • Sauna 20 min
  • Take supplements
  • Drink 1 gal water
  • Write in journal
  • Deep breathing

To avoid:

  • Negative thinking
  • Sugar
  • Eating when not hungry (bite by bite)
  • Sitting for more than 30 min

Like that:)

I use the Good Habits App to keep a string of successes going. Don’t break the streak! I also schedule health events right alongside appointments and other tasks on my calendar. They come first.

Life organized around the number one priority – health. Check!

Now, how does on follow through?

This takes us back to health actually being the number one priority each and every day. If it is, follow through is not in question.

Still, you might lack unwavering motivation. Organizing your day around health activities might be well and good but you may have very little motivation. Fine – chunk down to the baby step for each activity and commit only to that. Seriously – what’s the very first baby step for each activity? For walking on a treadmill, it might be simply stepping onto the treadmill platform and pressing the on button. Commit to just that. Do it. Celebrate. Stay on the treadmill as little or as long as you like after that.

Baby steps. They’re good for people with low motivation.

Recap on making health your number one priority in life

  • Actually make health #1 in your mind – see your life that way
  • Organize your daily events around health events
  • Make a daily list of what to do and what to avoid
  • Follow through, taking baby steps when necessary

That should do it.