How to Grieve

Most experts, when explaining how to grieve, cite the five stages of grieving. Very few discuss what it’s like once your grieving is done. In other words, what’s the most desirable result of the grieving process?

We need a goal to move toward. With the destination in sight, it’s a little easier to keep going.

So, what is it like to have grieved successfully?

Most who report success in the grieving process talk about two things:

  1. A feeling of fondness for the object of their loss.
  2. A sense that the object of their loss will always be with them.

If you’ve lost a loved one (one that you loved), then you may anticipate the day when you primarily remember the fond times. You feel a sense of fondness whenever that person comes to mind. And you know they will always be with you, in either a spiritual or humanistic sense.

Knowing how to grieve involves knowing where your headed.