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Hello from the Eternal Moment

There is a place outside of time where everything becomes one, the eternal moment.

All perception blends together; the inside, the outside, images, conversations, feelings…ad infinitum plus the kitchen sink – meld together into a singular experience – the eternal moment.

Being there is a strange form of effortlessness. Getting there is the voyage of a lifetime. You can’t do it unless you love yourself. Consider the eternal moment the crowning achievement of the journey toward enlightenment. It’s a threshold of sorts beyond which there is no such thing as achievement, only the purest form of awareness.

The eternal moment is enlightenment, the place where you see existence for what it is. And it is so peacefully quiet. But it’s’ also intense and raw. It’s every emotion blended into one, alongside everything else that exists, strangely aligned into a simple moment, which you know is eternal. That moment is always there. You are not.

You cannot live your life in the eternal moment. The experience is practically useless in and of itself. Nothing means anything there. The eternal moment lies beyond thought, beyond normal consciousness.

On the boundary of the eternal moment and self-consciousness, you squirm and dance joyfully. Cross over fully into the eternal moment, and time vanishes. You become the moment and therefore cannot think about the moment without popping back into time, which you may repeatedly do, back and forth, back and forth. Squirm, squirm! All this creates the pervasive, even chaotic joy of being fully alive, which only leads to more joyful squirming. It’s odd.

The eternal moment is meant to be visited, not inhabited.

Some feel worthy of the eternal moment – the right and the ability to show up at the epicenter of everything, which is to be truly alive. Others feel so personally broken and preoccupied with their angst that they’d have to rebuild the universe just to become fully present. Not holding back. Not afraid or worried or preoccupied or distracted; in full acceptance of every ounce of yourself, the light and the dark, as well as the abrupt world around you.

Even as many assure us that, no, you do not need to rebuild anything. Stop thinking. Stop doing. Let it all go and enter the present, which is always waiting for you. There is no need to conquer the universe, for fear cannot exist in the present.

As if entering the present were so easy!

Owning 100% of your experience while spontaneously allowing it to pass through you into nothingness, a total fluidity of self-acceptance. This is the entry fee to the eternal moment. It was never meant to be easy. It just is what it is, a singular experience at the end of a long voyage of tribulation. It is the promised land and there are wars to be fought in order to conquer the demons that so deftly prevent the crossing. Alas, most people never get to the eternal moment, never arrive at the promised land. And far too many do not possess the consciousness that this kind of place exists.

If you need to chase your fears until you overcome them, even if you must journey to the beginning of time and rebuild yourself, molecule by molecule, before you’re capable of merging with the Great Now, then find a way to do it. The reward is worth whatever it takes.