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February 23, 2020 ~ 10 Ideas

Here are my 10 ideas for today, starting from scratch.

  1. Mindful is mindful, whether positive or negative. Mindfulness is not for the faint of heart. Consider being mindfully present with your worst fears and most painful moments in life. That’s mindfulness, too.
  2. Why not start a business that is all about what you’re interested in day to day? This is a dumb idea.
  3. Outdoor work is good for the soul.
  4. The Divine Hillbilly. A magnetic word scramble game turned into a mystical deity channeling advice-giver.
  5. Creativity is borderline insanity sometimes.
  6. I’d rather be borderline insane than dumb and boring.
  7. Start a service that monitors how politically correct the most politically correct and incorrect people are. Who determines what is politically correct?
  8. Buy domains with traffic, restore the site, recapture some traffic, preserve the backlinks and flip the domain. You might make better than minimum wage but probably not. If you enjoy it….?
  9. Teenagers have no idea what they don’t know and yet you have no way of making them know so you need to just take their crap!
  10. Life coaching is the greatest invention of the modern era. Why? Not just because I make my living by training life coaches. I make my living at it because it is so adaptable, applicable, and absolutely FULL of endless potential.

How does something become full of another thing that is endless? Does it just stay full 100% of the time while expanding? It doesn’t matter.

Bonus idea: Write at least 10 new ideas every day to clear your mind. Then, you can free some space to go back to your boring tasks.

10 Ideas about Idea #6 Above

  1. Seriously. It’s true. But if you’re dumb and boring you don’t know you’re dumb and boring so you still might be better off.
  2. But I already know I am not dumb and boring, so let’s just stick with the plan here.
  3. For me, creativity and semi-insanity is related to the Inner Dynamics model that we’ve been teaching at the iNLP Center.
  4. Parts – personality parts – are inherent to everyone. Theoretically, you have more parts of your personality (non-clinical) when you’ve undergone trauma in childhood.
  5. But the more parts you have, the more varied your personality becomes, which is interesting and perhaps a source of creativity.
  6. Becoming the source of your own happiness might be sequestered among your parts. Or in the reorganization of them.
  7. Part of me wants to become an investigative journalist, especially after reading Buzzfeed’s story about Tony Robbins. Damn you, Tony!
  8. Parts also reminds me of Connirae Andreas’ Core Transformation.
  9. I should read the parts history book. Done.
  10. Now I’m stretching for ideas.

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