Are you really giving up on yourself?

I know you had a difficult childhood. And your marriage and divorce, custody battle, estrangement from your kids, toxic ex-wife, belligerent step-son…none of that is easy. It’s been hard on you. But are you really giving up on yourself?

You grew up in chaos and abuse and instability. If anyone has an excuse to give up and let yourself go, it’s you. If you’re going to hang your hat on humiliation, the hook is in front of you. Hang that hat. No one will blame you any more than they already do.

But here’s the deal. Do you want to take that excuse?

Do you really want to give up on yourself?

I mean, you’re not even trying. Deep down, you don’t want to do what it takes. And that doesn’t have anything to do with your childhood or adult misfortune. That’s a character issue.

Do you want to throw in the towel? End up like your father, losing his legs to diabetes and dying a horrible, humiliating death? Is that the legacy you want? Because that’s the one you are choosing every single day that you fill your face with food.

You’re at a low point. Get the fuck up! Stop being lazy. Stop seeking comfort. Quit paralyzing yourself in softness. NEVER avoid effort by lying on the couch! Don’t be your father. Don’t be your mother or brother, sister or any of your step-dads. You are not what your kids think – or your wife or anyone. You are 100% your own creation at this point.

Show yourself that you can endure anything. Choose – and you MUST make a choice – action. Be an adult. Whatever happened in the past, it’s over. It is all over. And you have some bumps and bruises. You’ve got issues. Complex PTSD? Yeah, you have it. So what? That has nothing to do with the choices you can make today. Make good ones. Man up.

If the choice you need to make causes you to become uncomfortable, choose it!

You’ve been through worse. You survived. You’ve thrived in business. You are capable. If you choose to kill yourself with a slow, humiliating, gruesome suicide, that’s on you. But you don’t have to. You’re not being forced to overeat and sit around. You’re doing it to yourself. To prove what? To prove how hard life is for you? Guess what? No one cares. Their own lives are hard for them. They won’t approve or acknowledge. No one is coming to your rescue. And you don’t need rescuing.

You need to get off your ass. Deny yourself. Kick your laziness to the curb. Grow up. Man up! Now! Right now is the only moment you have. What are you going to do with it?