Who am I?

What a silly question. Imagine spending 20 years in a monastery, contemplating the vicissitudes of life, yearning to know thyself. You’d pop out of there 20 years later still not knowing much. Am I right? No one knows who they are or why they’re here. The really smart people will tell you that’s the only thing we can know for sure.

That we don’t know much of anything.

And I’m supposed to tell you something about me that impresses you? I’d rather impress you by refusing to participate in this whole About Me charade.

My name is Les Moore. But that’s a pen name, so we’re still in nowheresville.

I write notes to myself on this site, in the hope that one day I will learn such lessons. I imagine myself standing on the very edge of life, ready to fall into the Great Abyss. Looking back over the years, I want to know that I’ve learned certain things – that I’ve come to peace with how life really is. Not that it will matter. I’ll still take the plunge into nothingness as everyone does. It won’t matter to me then. But it matters to me now.