Saturday, Mar 28, 2020

Planet Earth

February 23, 2020 ~ 10 Ideas

Here are my 10 ideas for today, starting from scratch. Mindful is mindful, whether positive or negative. Mindfulness is not for the faint of heart. Consider being mindfully present with your worst fears and most painful moments in life. That’s mindfulness, too. Why not start a business that is all about what you’re interested in day to day? This is […]

Today I Will Remember the Impact

Today I will remember the impact of my communication and behavior on my wife, Hope. That’s her in the picture above. Isn’t she such a sweetie-pie? My moods and choices matter. Actually, they probably matter more to her than to me. There’s a thought to really consider. I can so easily ruin her day by making a few bad choices, […]

How to Negotiate Your Boundaries

In any form of relationship being clear on your boundaries is vital to the quality and success of a fulfilling relationship. But what if the other person doesn’t agree or has difficulties with your boundary? Negotiating your boundaries is an option to consider.  Firstly, though you need to know if your boundary is negotiable or not. And to do that […]

PTSD and Overeating

Recently, I came to the undeniable conclusion that I’ve been suffering from undiagnosed PTSD from a long string of adverse experiences in childhood. Years ago, a therapist warned me that I’d experienced every major form of abuse, including physical and emotional neglect.  Additionally, we moved at least once a year (non-military) so I changed schools 17 times in 12 years […]

New limiting beliefs model called meta-beliefs

Not the best name for a self-improvement model – meta-beliefs? But it’s pretty cool. The idea is that you discover a limiting belief, such as I can’t lose weight. Then you dig in, go deep, or whatever you call it. Find the meta-belief, which is the belief about the belief. Here’s a transcript of a meta-beliefs discovery Meta Beliefs beliefs […]

Truthfirmations idea

The truth can derail your life but only if you’ve been living a lie. Truthfirmations could be a new type of affirmation. The key to affirmations is to make a statement that you want to be true, such as: I am full of compassionate power. With truthfirmations, rather than state something that you wish was true, you affirm a truth […]

How to Stop Being an Asshole by Changing your Perception

Our topic? How to stop being an asshole. It may be dawning on you that you’re no Mother Theresa. And you don’t want to be, right? You would just like to stop being a total asshole.  Congrats on your honesty, by the way. It’s your negative views that make you an asshole. Or limiting beliefs. Let’s work through the issue […]