It’s best to be at peace with what is, without denying the facts. In that sacred space, you are one with all. It’s one hell of an amazing place to visit. Inevitably, denial creeps in to shield us from the… Read More »Oneness

I got nothin’

Sitting here, I’ve got nothing. No original thoughts. Nothing to do that I really want to do. Some worries. But I’ve got nothing interesting. Am I depressed? Who cares. Call it what you want. Am I cynical? To the bone.… Read More »I got nothin’

Midlife Bucket List

I’m excited to create a midlife bucket list. At age 53, I am ready to rise above the midlife slump and look boldly ahead toward death! Before that inevitable day, there are things I want to do. Thus, the midlife… Read More »Midlife Bucket List