My name is Mike Bundrant and this is the site where I get to write whatever I want. Think of it as a brainstorm that I hope you find helpful. Brainstorming in public is a luxury I don’t have on the other sites I write for, like iNLP Center and a few others (listed below).

On those sites, the writing is more purpose-driven and less exploratory. Here, all that goes out the window. I’m free to experiment with ideas without worrying about hitting a target. (War metaphors are ubiquitous!)

Still, I hope to be coherent and helpful!

BTW, I’ve written for:

Psychology Today
Tiny Buddha
Good Therapy
Pick the Brain
Life Hack
Life Coach Hub
The Coaching Tools Co.
Your Tango
The Good Men Project
Elephant Journal
Personal Growth (.com)

I’m sure I’m missing some. Oh, and I’ve been interview by tons of podcasters, some of them are even famous. Woo. And let’s not forget the list of celebs I have personally interviewed🙂

Whatever, there are my creds.

Some general stuff about me:

• I live in San Diego, CA.
• I love boating off the coast.
• I am married to Hope Bundrant.
• Hope and I operate the iNLP Center.
• I’ve been training NLP practitioners, life coaches, and counselors for 25 years.
• I’m a former psychotherapist turned coach.
• As of November 2017, I am 50 years old.
• I am an ex-Mormon.
• My lower back hurts:)

Brief words about advertising, social media, and blah blah:

I’ll connect my iNLP Center social media accounts here. Not going to set up new ones for Notes2Me. I may place affiliate links on this site. If you click links to any product, I might make a small amount of money for recommending it to you.

I don’t accept guest posts.


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