What to do when bored if you’re a workaholic. And what not to do when bored, regarless.

This is my list, not yours, so all of the imaginable disclaimers apply to people seeking to hold others responsible for their own choices, especially this one.

Let’s start with what not to do when bored if you’re a workaholic:

  • Anything disgusting, stupid, or wrong
  • Eat (god help me)
  • Work (duh)

Mainly, eat or work. I am trying not to eat when bored, and failing somewhat – not totally. I work a little too much. And that’s why this little list just might help. I’m not a hardcore food or work addict. Now, that’s what an addict would say, so if you’re having issues with this, check the disclaimer.

What to do when bored that is not disgusting, stupid, wrong, eating, or working:

  1. Exercise – cardio
  2. Resistance exercise
  3. Breathing exercises
  4. Make a leather bracelet
  5. This is so lame. I’m outta here.
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