Parents: Let’s remind ourselves that it’s normal for your children to hate you at every age.

It starts with the first time you’re late with a nipple, according to an infant’s my-needs-are-the-universe-and-now-is-the-only-clock timetable. And it goes downhill from there.

To your children, you’re a failure for being a mere human being. If your kids never mature emotionally as adults, which is a reasonable probability, then you will go to your grave as the world’s biggest piece of shit.

Only if and when your adult children grow up on the inside will they be capable of seeing you as a fallible human being and find the heart to forgive your parental mistakes.

They will probably never go so far as to thank you for all the sacrifices you made on their behalf, or for their very lives, but don’t get greedy. If you die having achieved the high honor of being a person in their eyes, you’ve won the parenting game.

Most parents fail.

What’s the point of accepting that it’s normal for your children to despise you?

You’re not alone. That’s the point.

Now, if you really are a piece of shit person who has abused children, then this obviously doesn’t apply to you. For you, the point is to get the fuck off this site and seek consolation elsewhere. And hopefully no one will ever convince you that it’s ok to be like you are.

For the rest of us imperfect parents who – sure – flew off the handle a few times, missed little league games, worked too much, got a divorce, moved kids away from their friends, selfishly guarded the remote, and flaunted so many other imperfections and self-centered tendencies, guess what?

Let us NOT wait until our children let us off the hook!

They won’t, not until after we’re dead, anyway. One day, after you’ve been rotting in the ground for several years, your son will suddenly think: I guess dad was not so bad after all. He was just an ordinary guy doing the best he could. I guess I can let it all go and just forgive him.

Isn’t that nice for him? He’ll let go of some anger and be a little happier. Good for him! And there you are still rotting in that grave. Don’t wait for that. Find a way to forgive yourself so you can enjoy a little peace before you take the everlasting dirt nap.

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