Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a main career field for me.

To date, no one has published a credible history of it’s development. This must be due, in part, to the volatility of its founders. Everyone is scared of them and for good reason in many cases.

Yet, the field of NLP remains to be served a proper history. NLP has infused itself into nearly every major discipline, yet very few people know what it is. I even contacted the University of Santa Cruz, where it was born – to the very college that hosted the original breakthroughs – and no one there knew anything of NLP.

How can something that has undoubtedly had such an impact of modern psychology – and culture for that matter – be so obscure?

I have an idea how and why this happened.

But I won’t go into that here. What this post should reflect is what would be contained in a history book that tells the story of NLP. The true story of the filed of NLP is the history of NLP training.

And no history of NLP training would be possible without Steve and Connirae Andreas. We should understand that Steve and Connirae are the co-founders of NLP the training discipline. They didn’t originate the idea that fueled the development of the field, but the field itself.

Someone should write a book that tells how the Adreases created the field of NLP by creating NLP training.

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