Daily Addiction Devotional

How about a daily addiction devotional that enlivens, empowers and gives hope to people who struggle with addictive behaviors?

Think about what this is like. If you’re addicted to doing anything, whether drinking, drugs, smoking, binge eating, cutting yourself, or ANY other potentially harmful behavior, this daily devotional (idea) is for you.

What is a daily addiction devotional?

Of course, it would not be a religious devotional. Religion doesn’t help with addiction.

If we use our NLP meta model skills on the term devotional, where will that take us? We ask: To what are you devoting yourself?

A devotional is a verb masquerading as a noun. We turn it back into a verb when we ask about the nature of our devot—-ing! What are we devoting ourselves to? This is clarifying.

In this addiction devotional, we honor….

Conscious choice.

We will put on a daily addiction devotional that steers participants in the direction of conscious choice. We devote ourselves to conscious choice. Conscious choice is the OPPOSITE of addiction, which is a clear unconscious choice.

Addiction involves the unconscious mind choosing a course of action for you (you being your conscious mind).

We could call this a mental / emotional / behavioral hijacking. The unconscious mind takes over the conscious mind and enforces the unconscious agenda. What does this mean?

It means that no matter how hard you promised yourself you were going to do good today, some part of you is about to destroy all your good intentions. You’ll be stuffing food, guzzling beer or doing god-knows what else to yourself as soon as the unconcious is triggered to take over and declare:

Screw it! I can do whatever the fuck I want!

Is there a way to deal with the pervasive, hyper-compelling wave of SCREW IT! that overwhelms you?

Yep. And that’s what the daily addiction devotional is all about. Hmm…if I end up doing it at all.

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