So You Don’t Feel Like It – LOL!

Good lord who isn’t up for doing only what they feel like doing? Imagine if life consisted of nothing more than that? Feel like doing it? All good!

The problem is that some of us (not me, noooooooo….) actually act as if not feeling like doing something were a reason not to do it. Right? Oh, I don’t feel like making my bed, so I won’t. 

I don’t feel like:

  • doing the dishes
  • explaining something to my kids
  • sticking to my diet 
  • exercising
  • listening to my wife’s problem

And so life is going to SUCK

Because there is often a BIG difference between what needs to be done and what we feel like doing at the moment. Of course you don’t feel like skipping that luscious donut. It’s mid-afternoon. You’re sluggish. Your will power is dangerously low and that donut just might give you a few moments of pleasure and even get you through the afternoon. YOU FEEL LIKE EATING IT!

But – and here’s the MASSIVE point! Your feelings betray you. Your FEELINGS might even kill you. Your feelings cannot comprehend anything beyond the hedonistic pleasure or displeasure of the moment. And that’s NOT their job. 

It’s YOUR job.

Hmm….so are YOU different than your feelings? 

Yeah. I am different than my feelings. My SELF is not any particular feeling, especially those mid-afternoon cravings. 

Perhaps the key to overcoming the whole I don’t feel like it complex is experiencing yourself (not just knowing) as an entity that is SEPARATE from your feelings. And your thoughts. And, hell,  your urges and impulses, too.

What about when my feelings are so strong that it doesn’t occur to me not to just obey them? 

That can only mean one thing.

Your SELF is not strong enough in that situation. A feeling, perhaps driven by some unconscious part of you, has HIJACKED your consciousness and having its way with you. 

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