Site notes for

Firstly, I CANNOT believe this domain was available. Is it not an amazing find? Am I delusional that this popular word is just available in the .com?

It’s never been registered before – maybe because it’s hyphenated? Ok – let it go and let’s plan the site. I did some work on it earlier over at

Here are the categories:

  • Inner Critic (Parts)
  • Anxiety
    • Social Anxiety
    • Panic Disorder
  • Depression
  • Impostor Syndrome
  • Mindfulness
  • NLP
  • Life Coaching
  • Techniques
  • The Past
  • Causes
  • Recovery
  • Tools

I think we’ll eliminate Panic Disorder.

And perhaps we’ll consolidate all the methods into one simpler category called Techniques or Solutions or Recovery.

Recovery from Self-Criticism. This is what the site is all about. Can you imagine recovering from self-criticism? This would mean that, no matter what happens, you do not criticize yourself. What a revelation!


  • Makes mistakes
  • Experiences bad cookie crumbles
  • Sucks at something

But does this mean you need to criticize yourself? For what? Being human?

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