A post on habits that is the ultimate guide to creating new habits at will. 

The idea came when I realized how empowering it is to know that you can create any new habit you want. Anytime. Under any circumstance. That’s a great way to be. 

What are the main points or tips that form the back bone of this post?

The idea that conventional wisdom sucks. To create new habits, you need to break the rules a bit. To do what you really need to do, some people will get a little squeamish. What are those things?

Here are things to AVOID doing if you want to create a habit:

  • Caring about the end result. Instead, focus on the process of building a routine.
  • Spending time on your habit. Again, just stick it in your routine.
  • Accomplishing anything, really. Make it braindead simple to get started.
  • Having any expectations at all – create ZERO resistance.

How do organic habits develop? 

We’re not talking about organic habits, but mirroring the process makes perfect sense. In fact, it seems INSANE not to follow the natural process we unconsciously use to form habits!

I don’t know, but I’ll bet organic habits form when:

  • They represent the path of least resistance
  • Circumstances are convenient
  • They relieve stress
  • It’s perceived as easier than alternatives
  • You don’t have to think about getting started

Am I onto something here? To form a new habit, therefore, you should:

  • Mimic the unconscious process already in place to create habits.
  • Make the new behavior super easy and convenient.
  • Celebrate doing it – (relieve stress?)
  • Get it in your head as the easiest choice (that makes your life easier)
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