There’s nothing wrong with eating. And it’s understandable that you’d eat when you’re bored.

Because there is something about being bored that does not feel safe. Being bored isn’t safe?

It must not feel safe – there must be some belief about what will happen if you remain bored. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel like you need to escape.

What’s not safe about being bored? Brainstorm:

If I’m bored it means:

  • I’m a loser.
  • I’m about to die.
  • I’m empty.

About to die – not die of boredom, right?

Some part of me believes being bored is untenable. So I should pay close attention to the feeling of being bored and dive into it in real time. Eating when bored doesn’t cure the problem. It only serves to prolong it by escaping, not resolving.

Also, eating out of boredom starts you out with the goal of curing the boredom, not satisfying hunger. This is not how to eat food.

Paying closer attention…

When I think of being bored, I actually feel a sense of fear right in my belly. A little voice in my head says, “I gotta do something! I gotta do something!” Then, images of food (bright and delectable) start to drift across my mind.

Being bored – with nothing to do – means I am a loser that might as well be dead? So who the hell cares whether or not I am fat? I simply must escape boredom. This is an old belief from a young part of me that always had to keep me on my toes – distracted from reality.


Summing up.

  • If you must escape boredom, even if it means sacrificing your health, then boredom simply must be perceived as dangerous to some part of you.
  • Higher level goals go out the window when a part of you is only concerned with a distraction from this moment.
  • Dive into the boredom and find out what the fear is, specifically.
  • Deal with the fear directly.

Boredom in general…

Is being bored perceived as the calm before the storm? Does it mean you may have to simply pay attention to the moment – the empty moment? And what if you did?

One definition of boredom is that it is itself a distraction from self-reflection. Wow.

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