Entrepreneurs. Mompreneurs! Every kind of p’reneur.

My dad was an entrepreneur back in the day when (I think) entrepreneurs were looked down upon.

“So, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m an entrepreneur.”

“Oh, I see. Hey, gotta run.”

It was probably not that bad, or maybe my dad used the title entrepreneur to justify not wanting to have a job and letting his wife support him for so many years. Is the word entrepreneur used to try to sound legit when you’re just a flake.

I think times have changed. In the Age of the Internet, online entrepreneurs are killing it. Or, are they? I am. And I know quite a number of people who are engaged in all kinds of productive online money-making ventures. Not schemes. People are earning their living online, working from home, and I’m one of them.

It would have been my dad’s dream job if he’d really wanted to work. And that’s the thing. It’s work. I work as much as anyone. I get to do it from home – or from my boat, but I still work a ton.

online entrepreneurs


That’s my foot and a beer. Hefenweizen. It’s good. The lifestyle looks perfect, doesn’t it? It is. But I still work my butt off. I don’t have a commute. No office politics. Not dress shirts and ties or penny loafers. No b.s. Just work, doing what I love and a lot of it.






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