I am not trying to make excuses. It just takes a long time to grow up emotionally.

You already know that maturity and chronological age are two different animals. Well, my maturity animal was pure jackass. (Self-deprecation is fun sometimes:) Don’t worry, I’m not suffering a fit of public self-humiliation. It just took a while to realize that relationships were nothing like I must have been imagining during most of my adult life. No biggie!

Looking back, the only thing I’m certain of is that I knew I was a heterosexual man, immensely preoccupied with a heterosexual woman (my wife, Hope). Beyond that, I guess I knew little else about romantic relationships until a few years ago. I’m probably exaggerating, but there is a sense in which I was a true jackass in the husband department; wild, stubborn, and blind. And I never really got it until I wrote Your Achilles Eel. It’s a short Kindle book about self-sabotage – and boy was I in for a shock.

Here’s the story, in case some fellow jackasses are listening.



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