Stop Being Conflicted About Food

Stop being conflicted about food.

That makes you afraid to eat and gain weight on the one hand. On the other hand, you’re a ravenous monster. Right? You hold back on your eating, afraid to gain more weight. Then, when you’re sufficiently starved, the monster takes over and you binge.

Is binge too strong of a word? It doesn’t matter; you know what I mean. You’re in this back and forth, famine and feast relationship with food. Stop it. Just stop dieting. It doesn’t work.

Instead, focus on eating normally. Food is good! Drop the drama and eat like a normal person. Focus on giving yourself high nutrition. Eat nutrient dense foods as much as you want until your body’s natural mechanism for satiety kicks in. Then, you’re free. You’re actually like a dog. The don’t binge unless you give them human junk food to eat. Duh.

When dogs eat normal, nutritious food, they aren’t nuts about it. They will let it sit in their bowl until they’re hungry. Then they eat until their body gets what it needs. Normal. Eat like a dog.

Priority number one: nutrient-dense foods. Then pay attention to your body’s signals. Those signals may need a period of time to reset after the years of jacked up eating patterns. But, reset they will.

Your body is the result of millions of years of evolution (or the design of an omniscient creator). Either way, it works. Let it do its job.

A Weird Fact about Food and Dieting

Obese people are malnourished.

The data doesn’t lie. Obesity and malnutrition are correlated. We can assume obese people have big appetites because their bodies crave nutrients. The hunger doesn’t turn off when they eat low-nutrition food because it is simply not getting what it needs. So, hunger.

Nutritious food is your only hope.

Not a diet. Lots of good nutrition, period. Your body will recover. Trust in that. Cutting out nutritious food in favor of a fad diet is dangerous and you will rebound. When you do, you are likely to eat high-calorie food, which may or may not be nutritious. Focus on eating densely nutritious food first. Let your body recover from the malnutrition of fad diets. Then, your normal hunger cycle will return.

Whatever stress you have, eating junk food makes it worse, not better. It’s not an escape. It’s self-torture. Bingeing injures your body and leaves you ashamed and humiliated. When you’re stressed, if you want to make the stress much worse, eat tons of food.

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